Tumblr again


Ok somebody sent me a pm, I answered but I can’t find it. Lol Jean I will never never get used to tumblr :)

Hahaha…the pm probably was sent to you by your “Ask me anything” link on your tumblr home page. Tumblr will ask you if you want to answer by posting (means everyone can read it) or privately, means it is sent as a msg direct to your asker. Which ever option you chose, it will disappear. (both the question and your answer)

The only time you keep msgs is if they send you fan mail. Only followers can send you fan mail. But you can’t keep a copy of your reply though. :)

Nick Rhodes interview 80s


  • The interview starts with rumors about DD and Nick says that people think that DD is just a glamorous band probably because of their video clips but their biggest struggle was to make good music
  • He added that they didn’t care about making only hits and that glamour had in fact disappeared after…

translated from the Maviva magazine from Greece (I believe.) — by one of my fav greeks. LOL!

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